More beautiful photos help to sell.

It is important to have a good picture of the products you are selling, because this can help you sell more.

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Ana Alves.

2 mins.

Nowadays it is very common to find stores on the internet, be it on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else. But to make these stores look good you need to invest in a good photo of the product being sold. 

Photos are essential when trying to sell anything online. If someone is looking at your product on an e-commerce site and sees a really nice picture of it, they will be more likely to buy it. In fact, studies show that products with good pictures tend to outperform those with bad pictures by 40%.

People today look at pictures before anything else

To begin with, photos are a fundamental part of visual communication. It is the first element that appears on a company or organization's website. People look at the image and make their self-evaluation: "In this company, can I trust it?" Or else, "Does what I am seeing in these images win me over?"

These two questions can only be answered by simply clicking on the link to find out more about you. So, if you want to surprise and captivate your website visitors, it is essential to have good pictures on the Internet!

Remember, it's about the customer

In this day and age, it's about the customer. Your image of the products you are selling is important for that customer to have a sense of what they are buying. If you own a restaurant or a chef, you need to pay attention to the kind of photos that appear online and how those photos affect your business. Someone who sees a photo with poor lighting or low-quality food may be less likely to visit your establishment or order from your delivery service than they would be if they could see high-quality photos with well-lit food on site.

Don't be afraid to invest in a good professional

Photography is a fundamental tool for business, and especially for digital marketing. It can help you reach your goals more easily and more creatively than other forms of advertising.

Also, always keep in mind for your customers that you are improving your images while building your brand with all possible care!


Pictures are important for your communication, which is why marketers invest so much in them. If you want to increase your sales, you need to learn how to use the tools of the internet to your advantage. One such tool is Instagram, where the main focus is on photos and videos. 

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