Successful photographers in the history of photography.

Following our cast of photographers with great names in history, in this blog post we will talk about the photographer and editor Jason Fulford.


Gabrielle Haiek.

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When a person looks at a photograph you took, they will always think of themselves."

Jason Fulford, a photographer, editor, and educator, was born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City in 1973. His success is due to his published books, such as:

Sunbird (2000)
Crushed (2003)
Raising Frogs For $$$ (2006)

Jason shares his photos with the public uniquely, through the books he publishes. People usually buy a book expecting a written story, but his books have stories told through his photos. His works have also been published in various significant newspapers, such as The New York Times.

For Jason, photographs are a game in which players rely on their own personal history to make sense of the clues given to them. Photographs do not have a fixed meaning.

"A photograph is similar to the psychological test of the inkblot, because as soon as we interpret the literal aspects of the image, we enter into a much more personal reading. This second reading is based on elements such as our memories, personal experiences, tastes, and cultural background. In other words, the first reading is based on what the photograph imposes on us and the second is based on what we impose on the photograph," says Fulford.

For him, everyone is different and the reading we make of photographs is unpredictable and entirely out of the photographer's control, which is what brings photographs to life.
In 2014, the photographer won the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation's Guggenheim Fellowship, which recognizes an artist's ability to publish exceptional work in specific niches, such as natural sciences, humanities, and creative arts.