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Photographer, I'm sure you take amazing photos! But do you know how to take photos in different styles? .


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We know that each photographer has their own style and peculiarities when they're taking photos. In this blog post, we'll give you 4 tips on how to take unique photos and stray a little from your standard style!

1ª Dica: Que tal usar o modo Programa?

Para um iniciante, o modo Programa ("P" nas configurações da câmera) auxilia em todos os aspectos técnicos, permitindo que você, como fotógrafo, se concentre em tirar suas fotos com habilidade e concentração.

Alguns recursos do modo Programa incluem:

Flash não dispara automaticamente!

Você sabe quando está prestes a tirar aquela foto perfeita, mas quando você pressiona o botão do obturador, o flash dispara inesperadamente e estraga toda a foto? No modo Programa, isso é evitado.

Você pode mudar seu ISO!

2ª Dica: ISO

ISO is responsible for the camera's sensitivity to light, and a golden tip is to always set the ISO first, as it affects the shutter speed and aperture you can use.

The function of ISO is simple: when it's dark, you need to make the most of the light, so increasing the ISO increases the camera's sensitivity, generating more brightness in the photo. When it's bright, it's best to decrease the ISO because there's no need for such sensitivity to light.

Increasing ISO is essential if you want to use high shutter speeds in low light.

3rd Tip: Blurring

Usually, blur is seen as a mistake, but believe it or not, blur has its own beauty.

To program blur in your camera, simply select "Shutter Priority" (S or Tv) and set the shutter speed to slow, meaning the shutter remains open for longer, promoting slower movement of objects, and generating blur.

As a result, the slower the speed, the greater the blur.

4th Tip: Light Trails

To photograph moving lights, your great ally will be the tripod!

To obtain moving lights and a sharp image around the subject, activate the "image stabilization" (IS) or "vibration reduction" (VR) function on your camera. With these features active, you can handle the camera at a lower speed, and the shutter won't shake.

So, Photographer, did you like discovering new tricks?
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