Corporate photos are more important than they seem.

We have listed 3 reasons that will make you understand why you need corporate photos, both for you and for your team.

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In 2021 Forbes published an article about the importance of a good corporate portrait and what the consequences of this are for business.

In 2012 the academic journal Cognition and Emotion published a study that showed that "you make your decision to trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face."

Adam Jacobs, headhunter and CEO of Bubblegum Casting mentions that "in the corporate world, there is no better way to gain a potential client's trust and increase your reputation than to take professional photos. "

Jacobs further cites some of the reasons why the corporate photo becomes so important in the business world:


A professional corporate portrait can build trust between you and your client well before the first verbal contact. "Smiling photos are an easy way to make customers comfortable with your business in seconds. When someone browses your website and sees a cheerful employee, it can create a positive connection in their mind," it says in the article. 


Here, Jacobs comments on the essential balance that the photo needs to have between highlighting the human side of your company and maintaining an aura of professionalism. As much as a selfie on the "About Us" page looks nice, that kind of more casual photo is likely to be empathetic, you don't want to confuse the customer with an informal image of your company.

Reinforce corporate values

Basically, investing in your image is investing in your company. Jacobs cites that "Spending a little extra money to do things right can benefit every aspect of your company. When you really care, customers notice."

High quality photos will set you and your employees apart and will automatically signify that your service or product is also quality. "Corporate photos can make first impressions and gain your customers' trust. When done well, they will increase your commitment to quality and other important values. As a leader, these photos should demonstrate the quality you deliver every day."