Photography Documentary: Tales by Light..

The documentary "Tales by Light" explores photography in a unique way. The series was produced in 2015 in partnership between National Geographic and Canon..


Gabrielle Haiek.

3 minutos.

 Photography is a message conveyed to everyone without the need for words. The purpose of this documentary is to convey the message that the planet is much bigger and better than we imagine, as photographers explore every corner of the world and capture every unusual place for public knowledge.

Photographers journey through humble villages, stunning landscapes, unknown cultures, and many other peculiarities that the world offers us, and often we do not get to see with our own eyes. But thanks to the art of photography, we can experience it through the lens.

Each episode focuses on a different photographer and presents their creative process and the stories behind their iconic photos. For photographers learning about the field, the featured photographers share various tips and tricks for those who want to master the art.

The featured photographers include well-known names such as Art Wolfe, Darren Jew, Richard I'Anson, Krystle Wright, and many others.

The series covers various themes, including wildlife, travel, culture, sports, and the environment. The episodes take viewers to distant and challenging locations such as the depths of the ocean, tropical forests, glaciers, and the world's highest mountains.

The series also explores the challenges and obstacles that photographers face in getting the perfect shot. It is fascinating for anyone interested in photography and exploration, offering a unique view of the world through the eyes of some of the world's most talented photographers.

The show has been praised for its stunning visuals and unique perspective on the art of photography. It has also been noted for its emphasis on the importance of conservation and the need to protect our planet's natural resources.

"Tales by Light" ran for three seasons and a total of 18 episodes, with the final season released in 2018. The series is available on Netflix.