The Impact of Product Photography on E-Commerce Customer Decision Making.

By investing in high quality images, the marketer can be sure that he is increasing the chances of success of his online sales..

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Ana Mikaela Alves.

2 mins.

When it comes to buying products online, images are key to helping customers make a buying decision.
 After all, since the customer cannot touch, feel or experience the product in person, images are the only way to get a sense of what the product actually looks like.

But how exactly does product photography impact customer decision-making in e-commerce? Product photography allows customers to view the product in detail, which can be crucial when deciding whether or not to purchase the item. In addition, images also allow customers to better understand the product's features and details, which can be decisive for those who are in doubt about whether or not to buy. When a customer sees a high-quality image of a product, this can also increase their confidence in the product and the company. This is especially important for companies that are just starting out and do not yet have a loyal customer base. In addition, product images attract customers' attention and make them stay on the site longer, which can increase the chances of conversion. The more time a customer spends on the site, the more they may be interested in other products, which can lead to an additional sale.

In summary, product photography is key to helping customers make an e-commerce purchase decision. It allows customers to view the product in detail, increases customer confidence, and makes customers stay longer on the site. Therefore, investing in high-quality images can be a decisive factor in the success of your online sales.

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